maanantai 17. marraskuuta 2014

Egypt Revisited: Learning Material and Environments

So great to be here again, facilitating the process of modernising technical and vocational education and training with PVTD. This time the topic is development of learning material and virtual learning environments.

Yesterday we set up a collaborative Google Document for the learning material guidelines. Working on it with the jigsaw puzzle method delivered good results.

Today we talked about blogs and discussed about the many ways of utilizing them. Their own blog PVTD Modern Learning has been just opened. Tomorrow we will add content and do some new video material with iPads.

maanantai 13. lokakuuta 2014

Teacher Capacity Building All Over the World

Omnia is a dynamic and active partner in developing education not only in Finland, but abroad too.

One initiative is Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of the Productivity and Vocational Training Department PVTD within the Vocational Training System in Egypt.
This week we are focusing on Creating principles and practices for PVTD in social media to improve PVTD’s visibility and image. The week started on Sunday with setting up the social media strategy framework. Capacity building sessions and workshops were inspiring and educating.
Tomorrow it’s time to create the official blog.

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maanantai 29. syyskuuta 2014

Bloggaamisen perusteet

  1. Luo blogipostaus top-ohjauksesta
  2. Julkaise teksti. Kopioi sen osoite 
  3. Mene osoitteeseen
  4. Liitä kopioimasi osoite kommenttina tähän viestiin.

maanantai 22. syyskuuta 2014

The Top 102 Tools for Learning

The 2014 version of The Top 100 Tools for Learning is out now*. Same trio in the lead as last year: Twitter, Google Docs/Drive, YouTube.

Only minor changes in top ten. One interesting move is from PowerPoint – upwards! What is this, have the educators of the world finally come to their senses and voted for this trusted workhorse?

As I found (here) that such oldies as GoogleSites (75>18) and OpenOffice (82>16) have made similar or even a bigger leaps, I think it's more a question about who gave their vote this year, a change in demographics, than about the added value of the tool itself.

Learning material both in the virtual and the physical LE. Video/Youtube, QR codes and Thinglink applied. 
Methinks these rankings would look quite different from the Finnish point of view. One thing is sure: Twitter wouldn't sit on the throne here, nor would Evernote make it to top ten. Moodle might be closer to the top, and Fronter and would be on the list.

There are two tools that I'd like to find in both of these lists. One is tens of years old and the other is a novel one: QR codes and Thinglink. Above you can see an interactive Thinglink image. The videos attached to it are also available in the real environment – small QR codes sticked next to the proper spot in the restaurant.

PS. I so much tried to order the Guidebook, but the only way would've been to use PayPal. One day I'll buy it, on the very day there'll be another payment option.

* well, slow as I am to write... has actually been for a few weeks...

torstai 18. syyskuuta 2014

TPACK & Google Drive

I did two short videos for teachers, speaks are in Finnish.

Eräs opettaja pyysi selkeitä ohjeita jaetun Google-kansion tekoon. Se löytyy tästä.

Verkkopedagogiikan ABC -kurssille tein pienen selostuksen TPACK-mallista ja siihen liittyen harjoitustehtävän, opettajille sekin.

maanantai 1. syyskuuta 2014

Oppimisen monet ympäristöt

Topic: diverse learning environments (course in Finnish)

Tässä maistiaiset Verkkopedagogiikan ABC -kurssilta eli uunituore presentaatio oppimisympäristöistä.

Kurssista tulee useampikin versio. Huomenna alkaa vapaan sivistystyön opettajille tarkoitettu. Ammatillisille opettajille suunnattu starttaa 12.11.2014.

keskiviikko 20. elokuuta 2014

How to create an interactive graphic?

I want to create a graphic with hotlines hotlinks (damn autocorrect), and to be able to embed that image *with links* eg. to this blog.


  • Google Draw
  • Prezi 
  • Padlet 
  • Powerpoint + Slideshare 
  • Thinglink Office 365 online (example below)

None of these work. In this case I can't code a web page. Any ideas?


This next one is with Piktochart. Links work, but not zoomable and the horrible ad makes it a no-no.


View on Flowboard - Presentation Software for iPad and Mac