sunnuntai 3. marraskuuta 2013

School starts tomorrow. What's in a backpack of an #edcmooc participant?

I've enrolled in E-learning and Digital Culture, starting tomorrow. I'm eager to attend the course and engage in the collaborative learning activities.
Uni of Edinburgh somewhere here.

This course is developed and run by the University of Edinburgh. It'd be so wonderful to revisit that marvelous city where I spent a long weekend with our youngest son two years ago.

Having a physical learning environment, hearing and seeing the language everywhere around (meaning both the use of English instead of our Finnish, and the discourse of the discipline), meeting the course mates face-to-face... but there's no need to comb one's hair or to load one's backpack for an online course.

I'm curious to find out how the organizers have planned out collaboration and peer learning. What kind of pedagogical scripts will they throw in in order to structure and improve the interaction processes between learners?

I'm keen on learning about the other students and keen on  broaden my current views on the subject from their points of view.

So, this excited learner can't make any other preparations on the eve of the first school day but write his blog. Perhaps it is my school backpack after all. Hope its stories tell about me as a fellow student.

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  1. Hi, What is your strategy for collaboration? How to find soulmates from 23 000 participants? I tought of more or less randomly choose 5 blogs to follow and try to comment atleast a few times. If you go on with the plan for an international on-line meeting in SL or preferably some other means, keep me posted. I am in just for the experience :)

  2. Hi Laura, meet-up at Virtual University of Edinburgh in Second Life today at 8 p.m. GMT, or 2200 Finnish time :)

    Have you got a blog? It'd be nice to visit.