torstai 7. marraskuuta 2013

The long goodbye to Chandler's text ( #edcmooc )

Is it just me but Daniel Chandler's Technological or Media Determinism doesn't convince, nor does it give me any new insight. Thus it's hard to get excited and discuss about it in the forums. Being a Finn, I prefer to drop blunt statements of fact here on my own turf ;)

Today I opted to take a train instead of commuting to work by bike in order to have time for this essay, resulting this kind of scribblings.

Ok, I haven't done it yet, I'm only half-way through. I hope my opinion will change before the long goodbye is said.

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  1. Hi Esko,
    nice to read about this moment of your #edcmooc participation. I checked the Chandler article from your link and it seems to be a collection of all possible technological determinism thoughts written until these days. As such, it may be a good source for the first edcmooc week studies.
    We are just activating our knowledge about the past digital life aren't we? I think it is good to tell that you are a Finn, so people can wait much from you :)
    See you around the course (I've been lazy and not written a word yet but I feel to be in edcmooc anyway

  2. Hi Heli, nice to hear from you!
    Surely it sheds some light on the key concepts, but there's too much generalizations without sources or stances taken without proper arguments. And particularly I felt it is too old. After that a lot more contemporary stuff has been published, eg. Lankshear&Knobel, and if you read Jenson & de Castell's article New Epistemologies? (in Learning the Virtual Life, 2012), you see how different the field is from the 2002 situation.
    See you! Esko